MS058 Discombobulated Part II

MS058 Discombobulated Part II by MainstreamFM & @pher
June 2023

@pher > "I crammed together some of my favorite tracks of late, heavy on the fuzz, heavy on the fog, always searching for the secrets of the universe within this sonic alchemy."

Sheikh > "I just got drunk...."


@pher's first half: YL Hooi / Asio otus / Ben Bondy / Pontiac Streator / HITECH FEAT. FULLBODYDURAG / Rezzett / AGILITAT / 7FO / Gobekli

Sheikh's second half: Zoviet France / Rrose / Second Woman / Steve Hauschildt / Tetsu Inoue / Various Artists / Waage / Autechre, The Hafler Trio

1 hour

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