Opiate - ossible (Vertical Form)
By Sheikh Ahmed

Superior electronics from Opiate, who has been inducted into the electronica elite by recently producing some tracks for Bjork.

Here though the Icelandic one thankfully is nowhere to be seen, instead we get four files of emotionally-charged electronica. Taking its cue points from simplistic glitch-ridden rhythms against warm, engaging melodies, it can hardly be called forward thinking but is pleasant nonetheless. '070201' is rapid in its execution and could have been doubled in length, '100301' is almost junglist in structure (unless I'm playing this thing at the wrong speed.) but still retains that lovely clinical sheen which therefore makes it the best track here.

'020301' elaborates more on a melody but keeps the clever-clever beats to a minimum, and the whole thing ends with the gentle groove of Alva-Noto's remix of '100301' which supresses all but the slightest of bass drums and embellishes it with pips and squeaks. Another fine release from Vertical Form.

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