Murcof - Ulysses (Leaf)
By Sheikh Ahmed

Even further explorations of the classical / electronic axis from the Mexican-based artist.

Having honed his skills on the critically-lauded 'Martes' album. This is further proof of how to skillfully orchestrate emotion and nuance from digital software. The resulting two tracks aren't admittedly a million miles from the brooding compositions that made up his debut. But the process has changed.

Here, live instrumentation is introduced rather than samples of existing sounds. This allows Murcof to attach a subtle and gradual progression of ideas against the slow-burning timeline. Of the two, the title track works best. With gentle sweeps of the violin; he builds up a cresendo of clicks, ticks and pulses with seemingly random abandon. Before the final phase of a deep moving 4/4 beat takes the track to it's logical conclusion.

'Urano' is less immediate and requires your full attention. Beatless, weightless and with no discernable beginning or end; this is a moodier, edgier piece. Like a constantly evolving soundtrack and we just happened to drop by for ten minutes.


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