Junior Boys - High Come Down (KIN)
By Sheikh Ahmed

Following on from their astonishing debut EP 'Birthday' in 2003 and as a taster for their forthcoming long player 'Last Exit', Canada's Junior Boys return with their unique take on modernism.

The title track is simply masterful. The opposing forces of Jeremy Greenspan's fragile, encased-in-glass sweet nothings against the penetrating clipped breaks demonstrate to marvellous effect how friction can work within modern pop music.

The Manitoba reworking of 'Birthday' is understated and just gently bats the original around with delicate paws; the jittery movement between textures from one verse to the next are all underpinned by close-range sinewave melodies.

'Under the Sun' and the closing 'A Certain Association' are slightly more ambitious in their scope. Imagine a steadicam nitedrive thru neon lit underpasses chasing distant taillights: the updated soundtrack to Michael Mann's 'Thief'. Suitably stirring.

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