Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat - Game Over (Ghostly)
By Philip Raffaele

Ahhh, it was only two years back that Waxfactor and I chatted about the general illness of 'One / Three' and pitching the beats up to +4 and throwing accapellas over 'So scientific' and 'Smoking the edge'. Beats this fresh just were dripping for MC's to rhyme over. But could it be done? Correctly? The answer appeared out of the blue on my doorstep. I got the buzz; that chill that runs up your spine as you coax a fresh slab of vinyl out of the priority mail envelope. I went inside, shut the door and ripped the dustcover off my turntable.

On first hearing the beat, I knew everything would be OK; fellow Detroit native Jay Dilla (who had the privilege and the honor of working with Mr. Mullinix (Dabrye), Mr. Jackson Jr. (with Madlib as Jaylib), and Mr. Hebden - Four Tet's 'As serious as your life' remix - all in one year) is the electronic world's answer to 50 Cent. Guest appearances not withstanding, JD holds his own and laces some ill lyrics (and filthy!) over a pounding Dabrye standard. Phat Kat adds his own similar flavor to the track, keeping it grimy.

Bottom line, absolutely essential single for both the IDM heads and the backpackers. Hell, with Scott Herren doing roots production, skies the mothafuckin' limit for our own Tadd. Extra track on the flip, 'Magic Says', another stunner + 'Game Over' instrumental, clean version and accapella included. Killa killa. Tell Marshall Mathers and D12 to watch the fuck out, Detroit's got some real musicians reppin shit. Style and substance.

"Hot shit from Dabrye, let's show these mothafuckas that it's true and not just a hobby."

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