@ Hammersmith Apollo, London
Friday 12th October, 2001
By Philip Raffaele


The second night in the pair of shows at the Apollo, it seemed like I was waiting for hours for the night to begin. In fact, I was. Sitting there, in the stadium seating in the theatre, I sat and thought for a while, of just how psyched up I was to be there. I had never seen Spiritualized live before, and after loving their studio albums for years, and having my mind blown by the 'Live at Royal Albert Hall' release, I was all hyped up. Plus, the NME live review last week said that one recent performance was so moving that people were actually in tears.

After an interesting set by a warm-up DJ whose name I didn't catch, full of classic funk tracks, Spiritualized finally took the stage at about 8:45. After a bit of fucking around, they launched into 'Cop shoot cop.' from then on, the show was up and down, with the height of the evening being the renditions of some of the more brilliant tracks off of 'Let it come down.' The absolute highlight of the evening was my favorite track of the new album, 'Don't just do something', which blew me away. Goosebumps rose up and down my arms as I closed my eyes and fully immersed myself in the beauty of music. 'Out of sight' and 'On fire' were grand as well. Seeing a lot of the album tracks live just reinforced the fact of how good the album is.

With as many as 20 people on stage at certain times, each member and supporting member was working in perfect harmony throughout the show, whether freaking out with tonal abstraction, or rhythmically moving through gospel like vocals and organs complementing each other's. The spaceman himself stood off to the side as per usual, with eyes closed, belting out his poignant lyrics. Since the days of Spaceman 3, Jason has topped himself again and again, and his orchestration of the new album and these live dates really prove that he belongs in the canon of contemporary musical genius, and deserves as much credit as possible.


While some moments of the show waned in intensity, as a whole the show was exhilarating and exciting. The combination of singing, horns, and the vast array of guitars and other instruments added up to an extremely varied performance that worked and weaved together in a unique and moving way. Encore of 'Come together' which was exactly what happened.

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