Wobbly - Wild Why (Tigerbeat6)
By Philip Raffaele

It's appropriate that John Oswald gets a shout out in the liner notes, as the forefather of Plunderphonics, he has influenced an entire new breed of cut and paste technicians who are taking what he began and bringing it to the next level of digital sampling.

Wild Why

This disc ends up as a cross between the Prefuse73 / Akufen / Machine Drum style of cut up versus the rough method that Cassetteboy has used on "The Parker Tapes". And while Prefuse and the like use their cut-ups sparingly, Wobbly takes them and mashes them all up together as the final result. And I think it sounds pretty damn good. Not as any semblence of tracks or songs, but as 27 mini sound experiments.

The cool thing, as stated, is that 'all source material stolen from corporate hip hop radio broadcasts january 1999 - march 2002.' It's usually not easy to pick up, but on closer inspection, we get a little bit of Jay-Z's 'Hard Knock Life', and brief Redman snippets, as well as Beastie Boys' "Yo's", Destiny's Child, and copious others. The glitchy, roughly edited nature of the disc makes it fit in perfectly on Tigerbeat6, yet this isn't another difficult album to get through. Sure there's plenty of distorted computer gargles, but the source material makes it that much more fun to enjoy and / or identify.

So, overall, I'm pleased with the disc. As both a Hip-hop and abstract electronic listener, it was nice to see the two genres breed violently into a bizarre dissonance. (And, for the record, the liner notes detail every single spoken sample involved. )

Track 2: yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo, hey yo yo yo yo yo, lie yo, yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo, who got the yo yo yo yo yo yo yoyoyoyo, yo yo yo yo, yo yo yo y, yo yo yo yo yo. voigt yo. yo yo uh yo yo.

Track 11: c'mon uh just like we uh uh uh just uh just like we uh uh just uh just like we uh dance in line dance in line line dance in line all in line. girl, stop reach bad boom got a little baby, never turn my baby back, here's with it in it quit it quit it! uh. like ew uh, uh. all in line. what? word up.

You get the picture.

Standout tracks: 2, 7, 16, 24

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