Whitehouse - Bird Seed (Susan Lawly)
By Anil Bawa


Bird Seed

It's truly something to see a twenty-five year career - one that has oft indulged in the pubescent snigger of noise's macabre playground - fulfilling itself, finding its way to an awe-inspiring destination. Responses to Whitehouse vary from hilarity to terror to repulsion, often at once, but their din unfailingly registers a strong response, for which there's something to be said. The astonishing vocal delivery and focused compositional primitivism places this work in a peerless place, an extremely powerful position for any artist to find themselves.

The initial blast, the first few listens, is absolute exhilaration. the tempered storm then pulls back to reveal an ambitious work of emotional electronic music. William Bennett's insistent lyricism (what's in a word? according to William Bennett, rather a lot. this record contains more lyrics than every other electronic record reviewed in this issue of absorb combined) runs Freudian cases to sadist conclusions, using music perhaps as therapy to pathological impulses. This record contains the sublime - 'Wriggle like a fucking eel' - the gut-wrenchingly affecting - 'Bird Seed' - and the downright arresting - 'Cut hands has the solution' - packing a punch quite unlike anything else. Bird Seed, the album, is so much more than 'Noise'; reinstating as it is perspicacious lyricism to the conceptual electronic scene.

It demands to be heard, so i'll keep it short. In a word: Psychosexualcoholistic. In two: Buy This.

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