Speedy J - Loudboxer (Novamute)
By Sheikh Ahmed

Having been in this electronic music business for donkey's years, Speedy J (Jochem Paap to his mum) knows the art of crafting a decent tune or two.

So it can only be with wisened Jedi-like experience that he's now decided to produce an album full of the most purest undiluted techno you'll ever hear.

Pure techno? I mean, it all sounds the same, doesn't it? Pummelling four four beats, build ups, break downs, atonal chords, deep bass. Admittedly it's all there. but while most may dismiss it as yer average faceless techno bollocks, those with sharper ears will hear the typical fine details that lace any Speedy J production. Allowing elements to loop will reveal subtle differences in repetition to appear and it's this trick that Mr.J has perfected over the course fifteen tracks.

Individually, only the absolutely cracking singles 'Krekc' and 'Bugmod' stand out. Even here, they sound more threatening than before. But honestly, this sort of stuff is best listened to as a whole, hence why the album runs as one complete piece. The occasional ambient breakdown, such as 'Interzil', only serve as a breather before the shuddering resumes. Melodies are kept to a minimum and the rhythm is king. And the punkish attitude of the album is personified in 'Sventrak', which really cranks everything up to 11.

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