Einoma - Undir, Feilnotum (Vertical Form)
By Sheikh Ahmed

Ever since this dropped into the office, we've had a tough time taking it off the stereo.

Undir, Feilnotum

We can't really say what it is about this. All roads point to the well-trodden path of obscurist electronic music; titles, sounds, packaging. It may all sound cliched, but never has it sounded better. It's almost a summary of all that's happened in the genre. The mind-twisting sounds, the punkish attitude represented by glitch and distortion, the clever melodies that's present in all great techno....

And it's tight, boy is it delivered tight; nine resolutely individual ideas expressed over 40 minutes. They make their point and then move on. The stunning opener of 'Beltral Square' takes the digital strafing of Richard Devine and infuses it with layers of emotion and soul. 'Glerborgir' is calm and drifting in contrast and could have easily been extend to twice it's length. But it's the arrival of the tense 'Hrlnglogun' that shifts the work in another gear. Frequencies at both ends of the scale being tested with the sub-bass and crisp percussion squaring off. 'Amonie' is filmic and eerie but contains a head-nodding groove that nudges into dancefloor territory.

Pure techno has a habit of being peroidically in fashion from phase to phase. While we have always felt that it's never faltered in quality at any given moment. There are times when something comes along to reaffirm everything you knew about the genre. This is one of those times; a classic and future benchmark.

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