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Words and Pictures about Electronic Music. 1994 - 2015.

An archive of reviews, articles, photos and videos focussing on electronic music from a distinctly London perspective. These were originally published across various print and online publications but mainly derive from the collective magazine Absorb as well as my own personal blog.

Below is a selection of most recent added articles, otherwise you can access the continually updated archive here.

Soft Cell
Nov 2001
AGF - Westernization Completed
Sep 2003
Aphex Twin - Drukqs
Sep 2001
Pierre Bastien - Mecanoid
Jan 2001
Einoma - Undir, Feilnotum
Jan 2002
Fennesz - Endless Summer
May 2001
Whitehouse - Bird Seed
Jun 2003
Wobbly - Wild Why
Feb 2002
Past Potential Futures
May 2008

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